Вадим Гущин: официальный сайт художника


Subject Interpretation
Vadim Gushchin became known in the late1980’s, when amid compound experiments of hiscolleagues he exhibited minimalist photographs of the shelves with arranged objects. Later it became clear that what was important for him was not the lower point of view on a still-life and not a shelf — pictorial t...
The still life photographs of Vadim Gushchin.
The still life photographs of Vadim Gushchin harken to Suprematisim, a Russian art movement that reduced visual expression to abstraction and flat geometric forms — at once elegant, simple and pure, yet remarkably eye-catching and memorable.
There is a paradoxical effect in the photographing of objects. It would seem that it documents reality. That is, presents things as they are. In fact, for this it takes things beyond their usual context. That is, places every single object in a meta-position. And the better the shooting is done, the...