Вадим Гущин: официальный сайт художника


Review of the Exhibit in Jennifer Norback Fine Art Gallery
We get a rare glimpse of contemporary Russian photography through one of its masters, Vadim Gushchin, who offers deceptively simple and minimalist color compositions of “treasures,” such as books, art catalogues and portfolios....
THE OBJECT AS A SCULPTURE. Vadim Gushchin: between the supermarket and the void
We live in the Universe of Malevich. But very rarely notice it. Vadim Gushchin photographs everyday objects in such a way that it immediately becomes clear that they have originated from the “Black Square”.
Vadim Gushchin: Still-life
I am an artist. That is, I consider myself more an artist than a photographer, though, of course, I am a photographer as well, because what I do is photography..